I own an Amazon echo and love it mostly but do have a couple things I wish they would implement:

  • Slow Voice Pickup: some people have speech impairments that would call for this.  Others like me talk too slow when we’re trying to enunciate.  Obviously this would have to be an option because making it detect slow speech would make it less quick.
  • Reprise Resume:  when listening to spoken audio content it becomes muted after the Hey Alexa call and all while you’re talking to it.  It would be nice if there was a way to resume the content at a second before you made the Hey Alexa call.  I haven’t used Audible so this may already be a thing on there but it would be nice if there was an option to make it work like this in Bluetooth mode (though I’m not sure if Bluetooth control gives you the ability to scrub what you’re playing).
  • More album navigation commands: for example if you wanted to go four tracks ahead you could say “Forward 4” or something like that and a play from the beginning command.